International Leprosariu Print

In 1913, the union of Crete with Greece, started to bring lepers from all over the country (usually the more "disordered"and "reactionary"), while gradually Spinalonga designated as the International Leprosarium of Europe; and the population reached up to a thousand. Opposite Spinalonga created a small settlement, the Plaka, where created an inn for visitors and some shops with food and other essentials, which supplied the lepers, but the visitors. Most were led to the lepers of Spinalonga by violence (sometimes in handcuffs) and knew that there would probably spend the rest of their lives without any hope of return. It is characteristic that the entrance of leprokomeiou had placed a sign that warned, calling the new entrants with the following message: "The incoming should deposit all hope" ...


Translation: Val. Lempidakis